INQ Cloud Touch Facebook Phone with Android 2.2

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INQ Cloud Touch - INQ has recently announced two Facebook centered devices recently dubbed the INQ Cloud Touch and Cloud Q. The folks over at Engadget happened to get their hands on the Cloud Touch. The device is candy bar styled and has an “HTC Wildfire like” form factor and feel to it, according to the reviewer. The device will come with Android 2.2 along with its oversize Facebook widget which can take up a whole screen of its own. Along with various software elements, the device will incorporate Spotify Premium and come with Fluency, the typing prediction engine that mans the SwiftKey keyboard. The Cloud Touch is definitely shooting for “easy on your pocket” mode with its scaled down specs. But according to the reviewer, it runs just as good as any device with a typical 1 GHz Snapdragon.

INQ Cloud Touch in depth preview

The device is slated for an April release in the UK, at which time we’re sure we’ll get more on pricing info. The smartphone will sport a 3.5″ HVGA screen, 600MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 processor and a 5 MP camera. Hit the source link for a more in depth preview of the device by Engadget and check out the video of the phone in action. So far, we’ve seen three colors for the FB phone, white, pinkish/red and black. If you ask us, it resembles an Android device with a really hefty Facebook app on it.

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