Kingston DataTraveler 108 USB Flash Drive

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Kingston recently launches DataTraveler 108 USB flash drive with a capless design. Its USB connector is protected by an aluminum cover that flips when you need to access your data. There is also a handy key loop that lets users transform this stylish drive into a fashion accessory with the use of a lanyard.

Kingston DataTraveler 108

The DataTraveler 108 is available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities, which come in Blue, Red and Gray colors. It comes pre-loaded with urDrive software and includes a built-in Photo Viewer and MP3 player.

Kingston DataTraveler 108 Models:
  • 4GB – DT108/4GB
  • 8GB – DT108/8GB
  • 16GB – DT108/16GB

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